Trollbeads Club

Trollbeads Club is an members-only club that gives exclusive access to: 

  • The Trollbeads Club bead. When you join the club, you will receive the current year’s limited edition Club Bead for free.  
  • Limited country beads. Without membership, only the specific country may purchase the limited country bead.  
  • Rare Treasures. As we scour the hidden departments of the particularly magic chests that contain rare Trollbeads treasures, these will be made available to club members.  
  • 55 EUR for a one year membership. Included in this price is the limited-edition Club Bead and more.
  • 150 EUR for a three year membership. Included in this price are three limited-edition Club Beads and more.

Online registration - you may obtain membership online and have the welcome package sent to your specified adress.

In-store registration: You can go to your nearest Trollbeads store and join the Club! Registration payment will be made directly at the store and you will be able to instantly collect your welcome package, if the store has a welcome package in stock. If not, you may have it sent to your specified adress, or pick it up at the store once the welcome package arrives.

Online registration: you can purchase a membership, just like you would any product on our website. You can find the memberships for one year here or three years here.

In-store registration: you can pay directly with cash or credit card.

You will receive your package within 2-3 working days. In some cases, it may take up to 14 days before your package arrives (depending on the accessibility of your region). In the case of registration in a store, you may immediately collect your welcome package, if the store has it in stock.

Membership renewal is not automatic. You may renew at any time by logging into your "Account", or you may visit any Trollbeads store and renew directly in the shop.

You can recover your password by clicking "Login" and then "Forgot your password?” Follow the procedure indicated to recover your credentials.

You may always choose to add three years to your current membership. You simply purchase a three-year membership and the period will be added at the end of your current membership period. This can be done at any time, regardless of the expiration date of your current membership. 

Rare Treasures are museum pieces or severely limited stock of designs that are made available exclusively to club members. Rare treasures may also be ready-to-wear designs with exclusive club pricing.

Only one club bead may be purchased. However, you are free to purchase as many Country beads or Rare Treasures that you should wish.

Subscribe to the newsletter by entering your personal profile, or if you are already registered, check that our communications do not end up in your SPAM or Junk mail box.

We are working on making Trollbeads Club memberships available as a gift.

The limited-edition Trollbeads Club Bead is released once a year, in the beginning of the year. 

If you renew your membership while you still have an active period, we’ll simply add twelve more active months to your membership, beginning at the end of the currently active cycle. However, we will send you the new club bead immediately. You don’t have to wait until your membership runs out to renew it and receive the new Club Bead.

Example: you bought a Trollbeads Club membership in November 2023. You will receive the 2023 Trollbeads Club. Your membership is active for twelve months (till November 2024). As we enter January 2024, the 2024 Trollbeads Club Bead is released. You may then renew your membership and receive the 2024 Club Bead immediately. We will add another twelve months to your membership, beginning November 2024 and it will run until November 2025.  

The Trollbeads Club sends out a newsletter just about once a month. These will contain all the new exclusive offers available. You can always find all the offers on the Trollbeads Club webpage.

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