Set in Stone

SAVE 30 % on Gemstone bracelets, beads, bangles, and rings.
All are specially designed to get you started in the amazing world of Trollbeads! 

An offer to get you started

Start your Trollbeads journey with a special offer on a simple jewellery set consisting of a carrier and a gemstone.

Choose the gemstone that holds special meaning for you or symbolizes strengths or attributes that you wish to acquire or enhance, or simply the one you find the most beautiful.

Then choose what type of jewellery to wear the gemstone on. In this offer you can choose between a bracelet chain with a lock, a changeable ring, or a bangle with two spacers.

These sets are beautiful as they are, and you can continue evolving and changing your jewellery by adding other beads that complement the gemstone or holds a specific memory for you that you want to keep close. The gemstone can also be used on necklaces or hair bands. Play with your jewellery by mixing and matching gold, silver, pearl, glass and gemstone and create a truly one-of-a-kind accessory. Jewellery that can show your story.